Company Introduction

We would like to introduce ourselves : Din Hon Industrial Co., Ltd., Has many years experiences in developing & manufacturing hot melt glue adhesive machines since 1991. To match the needs of various customer, we have been continuously developing the series of hot melt glue adhesive machines, such as for shoes making, leather working, packaging, sports goods, garment, toy, vehicle material, etc. Our customers are over the places in Taiwan and the world-wide.

In 1994, our company was asked requirements of shoes industry on environment protection, Din Hon developed the first set of shoe hot melt glue adhesive machine, with nice quality and reasonable price, for years this machine has been widely adopted by many renowned shoes manufacturer of the world.

In shoes field, Din Hon made-Hot melt glue adhesive machine, its market shares is over than 85%, but we never stop our effort on developing and researching for more and more better quality and price in shoes field. We desire to reach the goal whatever you want. In the meantime, we are also expecting you to tell us what you really want, and we hope to grow up with you in the shoes field.

Company InformationĄG
AddressĄGNo.50, Xidong Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan
TelĄG886-2-86763736, 22682733